Accessibility Permission Prompt

Several users have reported an issue where Caffeine continues to prompt for macOS accessibility permission even after it has been granted.
This is caused by an internal inconsistency with macOS on systems where an older version of Caffeine has previously been installed.

If you are experiencing this issue, please follow the steps outlined in the Support Center to repair the macOS permission database.

Support Center 

Don't let your Mac fall asleep.

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Version 1.1.3, macOS Yosemite or Later
Compatible with macOS Catalina!
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Caffeine is a tiny program that puts an icon in the right side of your menu bar. Click it to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers. Click it again to go back. Right-click (or ⌘-click) the icon to show the menu.

Originally developed by Tomas Franzén of Lighthead Software in 2006, Caffeine is a well known and loved utility for many Mac users, and its simplicity has allowed it to continue working perfectly long after active development ceased.

Unfortunately for many users, Caffeine began experiencing problems with the release of macOS Mojave, due to the enhanced privacy controls introduced which prevent Caffeine from functioning correctly.

We reached out to Tomas to inquire if we could continue development of Caffeine, as we believe it fits nicely with our vision of software that is simple, flexible and powerful.

Tomas has graciously provided the source code under an open source license, allowing us to continue developing Caffeine where he left off.

Genuinely useful, lean and simple to use. It even has a cute icon.

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Need help? Visit the support center to find answers to common problems.

Support Center

Legacy Versions

Need a version of Caffeine that is compatible with an earlier version of macOS? You can download all of the previous versions here.

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